Christmas Installation




Custom Christmas Decor Installation

Have you always wanted a Christmas tree that rivaled those in fancy magazines and department stores? Christmas Jim can make it happen.  He can truly transform your home into a Christmas showplace.
Christmas Jim...
  • Offers a full range of design services.
  • Works in all styles from traditional to the newest "on-trend" colors.
  • Can create from scratch or can work-in your family's heirlooms.
  • Can create for all budgets.
  • Can do a single tree or your entire home.
  • Purchases from all of the best wholesalers, over 75 different vendors in all!
  • Knows where to find every kind of Christmas decor item, including all of the obscure colors to. And if he can't find it, he can often make it.
  • Has a brand new Design Center, warehouse and showroom in the Northbrook, Illinois area where he stocks over a thousand rolls of ribbon, hundreds of florals in every color imaginable and every type of wreath and tree imaginable.
  • Can take care of all of the details and shop for all design elements needed or can take you shopping to pick out everything!
  • Offers rentals of trees and ornaments.
  • Continues his education, taking design classes year-round.
  • Offers an online design studio where he can create with you in a Facebook live or via Facetime!
  • Is always on-time and on-budget.
  • Loves to collaborate and won't quit until you're happy with every detail.
Now is the time to get on Jim's 2022 schedule.Call or email now for a no-obligation consultation! 224-261-8784 or